GILE 2017: Chinese Upstream LED Component Industry Rides the Trend- the Collection of Chinese Exhibitors II

By XSSY-LED, CNN Updated 2018-08-18

           The lineup Honglitronic displayed at GILE 2017 pretty much summed up the recent trends happening in the industry and signaled its determination to secure its leading position even in the future.  ShenZhen XSSY Industrial Co., one of the group’s subsidiaries, announced its newly-developed mini array IR LED-LP 2835, claimed to be the smallest IR LED package seamlessly sporting a micro lens, of which the optics induced high output and low heat within such a small area almost two-thirds of that of a regular IR LED. This LP 2835 package can be tailored with different beam angles- 30°, 45°, 60°, 100°, 120°, providing various radiant intensity ranging from 20-100mW/Sr.


           Likewise, Honglitronic in 2016 procured 51% (60% as the Group claimed it) of Bytech’s shares and made this company that first launched full inorganic UV LEDs in China one of its subsidiaries to step into the UV LED market. The inorganic packages showcased encompassed CMH6060, CMH3030, CMH6868, CMH4545, and CMH3535. The first two of them were new, the following two were already mass produced, and the last one was still under development.

          Horticultural lighting is also deemed a promising specialty lighting segment, most notably when North America expressed a strong demand for grow lights after six states legalized marijuana and so did some other places for growing highly profitable specialty plants as jewel orchids. For this market segment, Honglitronic provided the full wavelength C3535 package.